Longest Table 2020 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why has WUSF’s Longest Table been postponed?
    Due to the Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19, most community events are being postponed or even cancelled. The health and safety of our guests at the event, the vendors and the restaurant staff, is of utmost importance to us. 
  2. When will WUSF’s Longest Table be rescheduled?
    WUSF’s event planner is working with city officials, restaurants and vendors to see if there is an alternative date available. At this point, it is challenging for any entity – government or otherwise – to determine when the community will be safe to gather in large groups again, so we aren’t able to give you a date right now.
  3. How can I contribute my sponsorship or ticket funds to WUSF Public Media?
    If you purchased your tickets through Eventbrite, you will receive an automatic communication that will include a link for you to make your contribution.
  4. How can I get a full refund of my sponsorship or ticket funds? 
    If you are a sponsor, you will have received an email about the situation and will be personally contacted by a member of WUSF’s staff. If you purchased your tickets through Eventbrite, your refund will appear on your credit card statement in 15 – 20 days, including the Eventbrite handling fees.
  5. How can I learn more about Coronavirus?
    WUSF 89.7 has been reporting on the issue and you can find the reports online.

Information for Individual Ticket Purchasers
Information for Sponsors